Casa de Helen

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Casa de Helen is located 30 kilometers north of Zihuatenejo in Troncones, Mexico.


Troncones is located on Mexico's Pacific coast north of Acapulco, in the Mexican State of Guerrero.

Activities that you can enjoy in the area include

    * Whale-watching
    * B
  • * Hiking
  • * Horseback riding
  • * Beachcombing
  • * Cave exploration
  • * Tide pools
  • * Surfing
  • * Mountain biking.

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Driving Directions

You will arrive at the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International airport. They recently opened a new, and improved section of highway between Zihuatanejo & Troncones which makes your travel to Troncones very easy. Casa de Helen is located approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of the airport. Once leaving the airport parking lot, stay to the left at the first fork in the highway.

Follow Highway 200 north towards Zihuatanejo. Drive north past Zihuatanejo and up the hill towards Ixtapa. Signs will direct you to Ixtapa and Lazaro Cardenas. Follow the road to Lazaro Cardenas. (As you approach the top of the hill the you will need to be in the right-hand lane.)

Just after the right turn to Lazaro Cardenas, there is immediately another divide in the road. One lane goes to Lazaro Cardenas and the other one to La Puerta. Stay in the left-hand lane to Lazaro Cardenas.

The exit to get to Playa Troncones is approximately 21 kilometers north of Zihuatanejo. You will begin to see road signs for Playa Troncones. Take exit to Playa Troncones from Highway 200 which directs you to a short off ramp to the right. The lane is clearly marked and should be easy to see. Cross the highway, turn left and follow the signs to Troncones. (There is a PeMex gas station on the left, and the road to Troncones will be the next right.) CAUTION: THERE ARE LARGE POT HOLES and ANIMALS AT TIME ON THE ROAD TO TRONCONES.

Continue down the road for approximately 3K and you will arrive in Troncones. Drive until you reach a "T" in the road. (You will be facing the ocean and can only turn right or left.) Turn right and drive for 3.5K. Just past the hotels EDEN and TRONCO BAY is Casa de Helen - you can't miss the signs.

To open the gate (if its closed) rotate the "cowhorn" and pull up the stop in the center and the gate will swing open. We recommend you unload people at the gate as the tope is high and can scrape the bottom of a car. Parking within the gated area is for our guests.